24 01 2013

SPAF 2012 Conference participants

A.Spendiarian Opera and Ballet, Armenia
Academy of Ancient Music, United Kingdom
Acco Alternative Theatre Festival, The State of Israel
Agence Station Bleue, Canada
AL Bustan Festival, Lebanon
Alliance Artist Management, U.S.A
ARCADIA Music, South Korea
Arts Festival HOLA ASIA, Colombia
Auckland Festival, New Zealand
Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australia
Barbash Arts Consulting, U.S.A
Beiteddine Art Festival, Lebanon
Bratislava Music Festival, The Slovak Republic
Budapest Spring Festival, Hungary
Byblos International Festival, Lebanon
Center for the Performing Arts of The Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A
Chan Center for the Performing Arts at the University of British Columbia, Canada
Cirque Eloize, Canada
Concert agency Latvias Koncerti, festivals Vienna classics, Early music festivals, Autumn chamber music festivals, European Christmas, Latvia
CultureLink, Singapore
Currents - Art and Music, USA
Cycle Great Music Performers, Serbia
Dama Music Theatre Company, Malaysia
Dance December/ Concertgebouw Brugge, Belgium
Delhi International Arts Festival, India
Dublin Theatre Festival, Ireland
Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Croatia
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Estonia
European Festivals Association (EFA) / International Festival of Flanders, Belgium
Fataka International, Italy
Galvanize Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore
Helsinki Festival, Finland
Iberoamericano Theater Festival, Columbia
IMG Artists, Asia, U.S.A
Inter musica, United Kingdom
International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA), U.S.A
International New Music Festival NYYD, Estonia
International Special Attractions, U.S.A
International Tartu Early Music Festival ORIENT et OCCIDENT, Concert Agency FA CONCERTO, Estonia
Istanbul Theatre Festival, Turkey
JakArt, Indonesia
Japan Arts Corporation, Japan
John Lambert Assoc, Canada
KAJIMOTO Beijing Office, Japan
Konzertdirektion Schmid, United Kingdom
Latitude 45o, Canada
Latvian National Opera, Latvia
Lincoln Center Festival, U.S.A
Music Concept / Accademia, Bizantina, Italy
Music Projects for Brussels, Belgium
Musical Bibap, Korea
N.E.D Classical Enterprises, U.S.A
National Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia
National Theatre of Scotland, United Kingdom
Ohrid Summer Festival, Macedonia
Opera and Ballet of Turkey, Turkey
OPLAS/ Centro Regionale Della Danza Umbria, Italy
Ozasia Festival, Australia
Paul Tanguay Impressario, Canada
Persona Inc, Korea
Pleasance Theatre Trust Ltd, United Kingdom
Prague Spring Festival, Czech
Premiere Programme of 2013 Turkey Year in China, Turkey
Riga festival, Latvia
S UK-Slovak State Traditional Dance Company, The Slovak Republic
Salzburg Festival, Austria
SAMANT A.F. International Concert Presentation, Russia
Sarajevo Winter Festival, Bosnia
Seoul International Dance Festival, South Korea
Seoul performing art company, Korea
Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania
Singapore Arts Festival
Singapore Chinese Orchestra Company Limited
Sinika Culture & Business Development GmbH, Germany
Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, Spain
Southbank Centre, United Kingdom
Taipei Arts Festival Foundation, Taiwan
TFF Rudolstadt, Germany
The Agency Group, United Kingdom
The Baalbeck International Festival (FIB), Lebanon
The Broadway Asia Company, U.S.A
The Chelyabinsk State Concert Association, Russia
The Dvorak Prague International Music Festival, Czech
The International Artist Managers Association(IAMA), Britain
The Young Vic Company, United Kingdom
Theatre Projects Consultants, United Kingdom
Tongyeong International Music Festival, South Korea
Ural-Siberian Folk Association, Russia
Varna Summer International Music Festival, Bulgaria
Vilnius Festival, Lithuanian National Philharmonic society, Lithuania
VISION4, Denmark
Vokalburo - International Vocal Agency, Germany
Vry Festival, The Republic of South Africa
Warsaw Autumn International Festival for Contemporary Music, Poland
Warsaw Cross Culture Festival, Poland
Wen Wei Dance, Canada
Wiener Festwochen, Austria
Yari Productions, Canada
10th China Art Festival Organizing Committee/ Culture Dept. of Shandong Province, Jinan
Assossia, China
Astroman (Shanghai) Trade & Development Co.,Ltd, Shanghai
Beijing Concert Hall
Beijing Gehua Culture Development Group
Beijing International Performing Arts Fair (Beijing Gehua & CPAA Co., Ltd), China
Beijing Modern Dance Company
Beijing Peoples Art Theatre
Beijing Qu Opera Troupe
Beijing Sportswindow Culture Communication Co.,Ltd, Beijing
Brilliant Hero Culture Co., Ltd, China
China Harbin Summer Music Concert, Harbin
China National Opera and Dance Drama Company
China National Symphony Orchestra, Beijing
China Oriental Performing Arts Group
China Welfare Institute Childrens Theater, Shanghai
Chongqing Administration of Culture, Radio and Television, China
Color of Arts Co., Ltd, China
Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R., China
Cultural Exchange Center Chingqing Administration of Culture, Radio and Television, China
Cultural External Liaison Office of Yunnan Provence, Kunming
DingSheng Cultural Investment Corporation Ltd, China
Division of Culture Exchange, Culture Dept. of Henan Province, Zhengzhou
Echo Arts Shanghai, China
Fu Jian Peoples Grand Theatre, Fujian
Fujian Beijing Opera Theatre, China
Guangzhou Grand Theatre
Guangzhou Modern Drama Center Co.,Ltd
Hangzhou Grand Theatre (Eastern Theatre Union)
Hangzhou Performance Co.,Ltd
Harbin Concert Hall
Harbin Theatre
Hermark Culture Communication Co.,Ltd, Beijing
Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Hongkong Arts Festival
Hunan Unitenix Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week, China
Iplus Event & Design Solution, China
Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, Nanjing
Jining Dianguang Culture Co., Ltd, China
JZ Shanghai Music Festival, Shanghai
LongStream Culture &Arts (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou
Macao Arts Festival
Macao Music Festival
Melody of Beauties Ensemble, Chengdu
Music in the Summer Air by SSO, Shanghai
Nanjing Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd, China
National Centre For the Performing Arts, Beijing
National Foreign Culture and Trade Base, China
National Theatre of China, Beijing
Ningbo Cyclone Russian Cutural Communication Co.,Ltd, Ningbo
Ordos Municipal Cultural Bureau of Inner Mongolia, China
Perfomance & Exhibition Department, China
Ping Pong Productions, China
Program Exchange Department of CSIAF, China
Public Culture Activity Department, China
Quanzhou Nanyin Orchestra, Fujian
Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe
Shanghai Art Theatre
Shanghai Arts Corp
Shanghai Ballet
Shanghai Baoshan International Flok Arts Festival, China
Shanghai Center of Chinese Operas
Shanghai Chinese Orchestra
Shanghai Circus School
Shanghai Concert Hall
Shanghai Cultural Exchange Agency, China
Shanghai Cultural Information & Booking Center
Shanghai Culture Assets and Equity Exchange, China
Shanghai Culture Square
Shanghai DongJiangzhou Drum Company, China
Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center
Shanghai East Entertainment Co., Ltd, China
Shanghai Farce Troupe
Shanghai Grand Theatre
Shanghai Grand Theatre Arts Group
Shanghai Huaiju Opera Troupe
Shanghai Huju Compangy
Shanghai Jingju Company
Shanghai Kunju Opera Troupe
Shanghai Light Music Orchestra
Shanghai Lyceum Theatre
Shanghai Majestic Theatre
Shanghai Municipal Performance Company
Shanghai Opera House
Shanghai Oriental Art Centre
Shanghai Peoples Grand Theatre
Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra
Shanghai Pingtan Troupe
Shanghai Puppet Troupe
Shanghai Song & Dance Ensemble
Shanghai Symphony Orchestra
Shanghai Wanping Theatre
Shanghai Yueju Compangy
Shanghai ZhuJiaJiao Water World Music Festival
Shenzhen Concert Hall
Shenzhen Oriantl rhyme Culture communication Co.Ltd
Shenzhen Performnce Co., Ltd, China
ShenZhen Suncity Communication Co Ltd, China
SMEG Performing Arts Group, Shanghai
Stage Center, China
Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre
The Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival (CSIAF), China
The Macao Orchestra, Macau, China
The National Ballet of China, Beijing
UniArt Universal Culture & Media Co.,Ltd, Beijing
United Asia Live Entertainment, Shanghai
Wu Promotion Co.,Ltd, Beijing
WuQiao International Circus Festival, Shijiazhuazhuang
Wuxi Administration of Culture, Radio and Television, China
Wuxi Perfomance & Arts Group Co., Ltd, China
Wuxi XinHang Media & Plan Advertising Co., Ltd, Wuxi
Xinghai Concert Hall (Xinghai Theatre Chains), Guangzhou
Xinjiang Arts festival, Wulumuqi
Yang Liping Arts & Culture Limited, Kunming
Yingkou Culture and Arts Center Management Co., Ltd, China
Zhejiang Performance Company, Hangzhou
In addition Ekaterina personally met with the representatives of the following agencies, festivals, promoters and other entities which were not participants of the conference and were invited as guests (in alphabetical order):

Asian Arts Connection
Beijing Assemble Culture Media Co., Ltd, China
Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd
Centre for Early European and Oriental Music, University of Tartu, Estonia
China Daily, China's Global Newspaper
China International Performing Arts Fair Guangzhou
Chongqing Daily Newspaper Group, Chongqing Newspaper Industry Acme Performing Arts Co., Ltd, China
Chongqing Yushang Culture Communication Co., Ltd
Councilman Research Centre of International Economy Matter Pacific Occan China Shanghai China Yi Zhu Culture-Art Co, Ltd, Shanghai, China
Department of Culture (P.R.C.) Promote College's Mem of Culture - Develop (China) Institute's Mem of Performer (China) General Act of Play & Plan (China District), Shanghai, China
Det Kongelige Teater, Denmark
Division of East European and Central Asian Affairs, Bureau for External Cultural Relations, Ministry of Culture, P.R.China
Eastern Shanghai Broadway Theatre Management Co., Ltd, Shanghai City Theatre, Eastern Shanghai Dance Drama Co., Ltd
Eastern Shanghai Dance Drama Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China
Guangdong Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangzhou, P.R.C.
ILIJA M. KOLARAC FOUNDATION (Music Center - Concert Hall), Belgrade
Lithuanian National Philharmonic society
Major Arts Management & Promotion Co., Ltd, Beijing, China
National Arts Council, Singapore
Organizing Committee of China Xinjiang International Dance Festival, Xinjiang, China
Otog Bureo of Broadcasting and Television, Mongolia
Regional state-financed cultural institution "Chelybinsk State Concert Association", Russia
Shanghai All Star Culture Promotion Co, Ltd, China
Slovensky Ludovy Umelecky Kolektiv, Bratislava
The Chongqing Artists Management Training Center, China
The Culture Art Festival Office of Chongqing China, China
The Israeli Fringe Theater Festival, Acco
Tianjin Phoenix Culture Communication Co., Ltd, Beijing, China
Wuxi Grand Theatre Poly Management Co., Ltd
Full member of International Artists Management Association (IAMA), London